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Independent Adam Blakester says there was a 'misunderstanding' about the Scone Horse Festival Parade

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Independent Adam Blakester says there was a misunderstanding about the Scone Horse Festival Parade. 

The New England Candidate has faced some criticism this week after he and some of his supporters took part in the annual parade at the weekend on horseback.

Some believe it wasn't appropriate. 

Adam Blakester said there was some misunderstanding when it came to their campaign shirts particularly. 

"There was a misunderstanding, we now understand that we weren't, it wasn't ok to be wearing campaign t shirts and we didn't know that so we apologise unreservedly for that, we thought that was ok,"

"There was an additional incident with one of our riders getting a little bit animated and shouting out vote one for me and that wasn't ok, it was an individual, it wasn't premeditated and we've apologised for that as well."

"In fairness to them they got a bit riled up because when we were riding we were meant to be announced by the various announcers, as we moved through the parade and the first announcer we came to didn't and that's not to justify it, as I said its an unreserved apology but just to explain how it came about,"

"Because I think if we'd ridden and everything had gone as we were expecting to we'd have just quietly been focused on keeping our horses calm and enjoying it, which we did."

"It was really good fun its quite the challenge actually riding horses in a parade like that particularly once the bagpipes came along that really revved them up," said Adam Blakester. 

Image credit: Janie Jordan