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Cannabis raising its head again in the Hunter Valley Police Dsitrict


Cannabis is raising its head again in the Hunter Valley Police District.

Hunter Valley Police District (HVPD) Superintendent Chad Gillies said their search warrants on properties have significantly increased over the last six months.

"Cannabis again is raising its head, we are on average executing 6 to 8 search warrants a month," he said.

"We are finding a lot of hydro set ups still in peoples housing and/or properties."

"People have their own opinions on cannabis. What we do know is  it is illegal and it can cause serious health issues and it can be an intro to other illicit types of drugs for our young people. So that will still be on our radar."

Cannabis is prevalent across the region, but in rural areas and on large properties the HVPD is seeing an increase in the growing of the illicit drug.

"In the rural areas we do have instances where some of the properties are a little bit more suitable to grow hydroponic setups and/or cannabis in crops. It seems to be on the bigger properties where more scope to do so privately."

Police are urging anyone who has any information, big or small, on not only cannabis but any illicit drug in the district to get in touch.

"Whether it be cannabis, whether it be ice or any other type of drug, I encourage people to contact us confidentially. We can assess that information and act upon it."

"Often we are getting very reliable information from people in the community and from that within a day or even the same day we are executing search warrants so we are very keen to hear from you,"

"We will always look after those people who provide that information and protect them so there can be no recourse on them but we rely on the community, they are the eyes and ears, to give us that information," said Superintendent Gillies.

"Again its about making our community a little bit safer. If we can take some of those drugs off the street, it can then tip into larger supplies of drugs, assist in other investigations we might be doing on the side, on the quiet."

If you have any information on anything in the HVPD, call Muswellbrook Police station, 6542 6999, or your local police station.

Image credit: Hunter Valley Police District Facebook/NSW Police