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Bushwalkers located after four day search


A 40 year old woman and her 9 year old son have been treated by NSW Ambulance paramedics today after being located in remote bushland, north of Singleton.


The pair were located just after 1pm today, after an extensive 4 day search by emergency services across challenging terrain.


Inspector Andrew Steenson from NSW Ambulance participated in the search and said the mother and her son were in remarkably good physical condition, given their experience.


“The search terrain was really quite hostile in some areas. There are some steep slopes and thick scrub, and it drops off by about 500 metres in some parts of the search area.


“Given that the search has been underway for 4 days, it was really good to find them in such good physical shape.


“While they had some scratches and bites, both patients were fairly well hydrated, due to some quite ingenious survival tactics.”


Inspector Steenson said the pair had told of using leaves to collect water, removing ticks and leeches from each other, sharing a pair of shoes and tying grass around trees to mark their location.