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Two NSW Police rural crime investigators now based out of Muswellbrook

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Over the past six months, the Hunter Valley Police District has had a refocus on rural crime.

There have been reports recently in the Lower Hunter regarding hay theft but also further out across the Upper Hunter, as well as other crimes including stock theft and illegal hunting.

There has also been several reports of suspected fraud involving the delivery of hay to properties within the Hunter Valley.

Acting Superintendent and District Commander Chad Gillies said as a part of the refocus there will be two rural crime investigators based out of Muswellbrook.

“So detectives that are primarily focused on rural crime issues and that will include stock theft, it will include illegal hunting, policing our saleyards and generally targeting, we have a lot of properties in our region here that are unoccupied for a bulk of the time and a lot of them house firearms so they are higher risk for firearm theft and those firearms ending up on the black market,” said Acting Superintendent Gillies.

Both of the investigators have a background in rural issues and are passionate about the country areas.

“So our rural crime investigators will work closely with local industry, local residents to really raise awareness of those issues in the community,” said Acting Superintendent Gillies.

“You’ll see them out and about a lot engaging with the local community and I think they will do a good job.”

“It’s a really big win for the people of Muswellbrook to have them housed here.”

The investigators and local police across the Upper Hunter will also have access to rural crime investigators from other areas to help with investigations when necessary.

 “Farmers need our assistance more than ever and that if that’s one way the police can assist them so they can get about doing their work then that’s a good thing,” said Acting Superintendent Chad Gillies.

Meantime a ‘Farmers Workshop’ is being held at the Muswellbrook and District Workers Club on Tuesday, September 25 from 6pm to 8pm. Rural property owners and primary producers are being encouraged to attend where farm, stock, machinery security, reporting crime to police, etc. will be discussed.

The session is hosted by representatives from the NSW Police Rural Crime Prevention Team and the two new rural crime investigators based out of Muswellbrook will be in attendance.