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Local News

Muswellbrook man convicted of animal cruelty charges


A man has been convicted over animal cruelty charges after failing to show up to Muswellbrook Local Court to defend himself.

49-year-old David John Wright was accused of failing to feed a female black and white staffy named Gypsy for at least ten days between September and October last year.

The RSPCA was called to Wright's Anzac Parade home on October 7 after neighbours noticed the dog was not being cared for properly.

In a statement of facts provided to Magistrate Bree Chisholm....the dog was seized and taken to the RSPCA's Hunter Valley Vet Hospital.

Gypsy was found to be 6 kilos under weight and emaciated.

She also had hookworm disease.

The statement said Wright claimed the dog had gone missing the day before but declined to be interviewed and agreed to surrender the dog and two young puppies. Another two had already died.

The 49-year-old was not present in the court so he was found guilty and convicted in his absence.

He was ordered to pay 15-hundred dollars in costs to the -R-S-P-C-A and appear for sentencing on August 13.

Image: Darren Cutrupi