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Singleton mum wins over $1-million on Lotto


A Singleton woman has woken up a lot heavier this morning.....but not because she ate too much for dinner or pigged out on snacks in front of the TV last night.

It's because she went to bed as our area's newest millionaire.

The married mum of two picked up just over one-million dollars in Wednesday night Lotto with her Systems Eight Quick Pick entry purchased online.

Anna Hobdell from the LOTT said understandably it took a while for the news to sink in.

“Oh my god. Oh my god! Are you joking?” she screamed.

“I’m about to fall over. I’m shaking, I can’t believe this. I need five minutes to decompress.

“To think I was almost not going to answer your call because I was in the middle of unpacking the groceries, looking after my daughter and phone alarms were going off. Wow, just wow!

“You called just at the right time because I had to drop off one of my children to school this morning and do the groceries. Imagine if you called at the shops, I’d be screaming!

“This changes absolutely everything. I’ve always said to my husband, if we were ever fortunate enough to win, we would still live life humbly.

“I have to give him a phone call straight away – he’ll be beside himself!

“It’s everyone’s wildest dreams to win the lottery and you never know how you’ll react. I’m extremely blessed and so grateful.”

"When I asked her how she planned to spend her newfound fortune, the winner said it would go towards her family’s future," Ms Hobdell said.

Image: Supplied by The Lott