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Moderna rollout: find your nearest Upper Hunter vaccine clinic


Upper Hunter pharmacies have started receiving the Moderna vaccine as they are delivered to regional communities throughout Australia.

According to the New South Wales Vaccine Clinic Finder, the next generation of mRNA vaccine can currently be located at the Alliance Pharmacy in Muswellbrook, the Discount Drug Store in Single and Merriwa Pharmacy.

Moderna is similar to the Pfizer vaccine and is able to be stored for up to 30 days in a regular vaccine fridge after it has been defrosted.

Residents will require two vaccinations to be completely immunised.

When making an appointment at the local pharmacy, they will administer the jab and schedule the second dose.

It will be administered 28 days (four weeks) apart.

The vaccine does not contain any live virus, and it cannot give you COVID-19. It contains the genetic code for an important part of the SARS-CoV-2 virus called the spike protein.

It is recommended for individuals between the ages of 12 and 59.

Upper Hunter MP Dave Layzell is calling on residents throughout the Hunter Valley to start making the necessary appointments as the virus starts spreading.

"We're heading into a period where it will start running through our community and I encourage everyone to get vaccinated.

"I know we've got challenges of the Pfizer vaccination but we've got Moderna coming online, the GPs have got a lot more Pfizer.

"Try ringing them, get an appointment, go to all efforts now to get a vaccine," Mr Layzell said.

Image: Mufidpwt / Pixabay