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Local police out at licenced premises this weekend for Operation Pariac


Police will be out an about at licensed premises this weekend conducting Operation Pariac. 

It's an operation conducted in the regional policing areas of NSW including in the Upper Hunter a number of times a year targeting alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour.

Police from the Northern, Southern and Western Regions will conduct Operation Pariac from today through to Monday 14 June 2021. General duties officers will be assisted by specialist licencing police to target alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour both inside and around licensed premises.

In 2020, Operation Pariac also included a focus on COVID-Safety compliance for both licensees and patrons. As NSW COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease, officers will once again work with venues and licensees to ensure all relevant restrictions are being adhered to and all patrons are able to celebrate in a safe environment.

During the latest deployment of Operation Pariac in December 2020:

  • 65 people were arrested across regional NSW, with 68 charges laid – the majority for anti-social behaviour and alcohol/drug-related crime.
  • 35 people received infringement notices for failing to quit a licensed premises.
  • 1164 random breath tests were conducted, with 35 people charged for PCA offences.

Northern Region Commander, Acting Assistant Commissioner Chad Gillies, said deployments such as Operation Pariac not only work towards maintaining public safety but also increasing community confidence throughout the regions.

“Operation Pariac is a high-visibility operation, boosting our officer numbers on the ground and circulating highly popular venues and entertainment precincts throughout regional NSW,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Gillies said.

“Everyone should feel comfortable and safe to go out and enjoy the nightlife of our regional centres and not be impacted by those who wish to disrupt the peace."

“Some COVID-19 restrictions still remain in place across the state, so we urge those going out to continue to observe social distancing rules and comply with all the relevant venue capacity requirements."

“I continue to encourage young people to look out for your mates while enjoying a night out, know your limits and always have a Plan B for getting home."

“Unfortunately, too often do officers see people who act irresponsibly and not only put themselves in harms way, but those around them – and officers will not hesitate to act upon unlawful behaviour and put those persons before the courts.”

Image credit: Grant Broadcasters