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Jeff Drayton commits to building a new shed for the Kayuga Rural Fire Brigade


NSW Labor candidate for the Upper Hunter Jeff Drayton has committed to funding a new shed for the Kayuga Rural Fire Service near Muswellbrook. 

He went out to the shed to meet with the volunteers earlier this week and couldn't believe the conditions they were doing their training in.

"I'm sure the community would be appalled if they saw the conditions that those Kayuga RFS volunteers have to work in," Jeff said. 

"It must be really disheartening to turn up to those conditions,"

"There's the two vehicles stored in just a landowners shed. They were donated a portable building that they had to put there themselves, they buy their own water, the electricity to run the shed, the water its all paid for by the landowner," he said.

"They do a marvelous job regardless," but Jeff said it's not good enough. 

Jeff said the brigade had worked closely with Muswellbrook Shire Council who has gifted them a block of land close to where they are, and now they're up to the stage where they've lodged the development application to build the shed, that development application was paid for by Mach Energy who run local mine Mount Pleasant.

The Kayuga Brigade were under the impression the RFS would build the shed with Muswellbrook Council contributing too, but the RFS apparently told them they had no money to do it. 

Jeff has committed the funding should they get elected on May 22.

"Our commitment is the full $530,000 along with the $70,000 from Muswellbrook Council to fully fund the new fire shed out there which will house the vehicles, it'll have showers and toilets; we have seven female RFS volunteers with no showers, no toilets, no facilities whatsoever, so this new building will have all the you would expect and all the things RFS volunteers deserve and they're excited and so they should be," said Jeff Drayton. 

Image credit: Jeff Drayton Facebook page