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Watch out Upper Hunter, the scammers are spoofing us


Scammers are spoofing Upper Hunter locals. 

The Hunter Valley Police District received several reports of scammers calling people from what appear to be trusted NSW Police Force numbers, threatening the call recipients with fines or arrest.

We're being warned that it appears to happening again, this time around Scone.

Residents of Scone appear to be the target and Scone Police Station’s number is being displayed as the caller ID.

The HVPD said that these scams use technology to make it appear that the calls originate from legitimate police phone numbers; a practice known as ID spoofing. The caller impersonates a NSW Police Force officer and states that the person receiving the call has an outstanding fine or warrant and demands a form of payment to prevent arrest or further court action.

HVPD officers want to assure the community that the NSW Police Force will never call a member of the public and demand payment over the phone in order to avoid going to court or being arrested.

If you get an unexpected call from someone who states they're from the police, and starts asking for personal details or threatens you, please hang up. If you’re concerned, you can always verify by contacting your local police or the Police Assistance Line directly on 131 444.

To find out more information about scams, or to find out other ways to protect yourself, visit

If you have been the victim of a scam, you can report it to local police or to the ACCC online at the ‘SCAMwatch report a scam’ page.

Image credit: Grant Broadcasters