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Former One Nation candidate backs Shooters Fishers and Farmers ahead of Upper Hunter by-elction


Former One Nation candidate Stuart Bonds has thrown his support behind the Shooters Fishers and Farmers candidate ahead of the Upper Hunter-election.

Stuart Bonds was sensationally dropped as the Federal candidate for One Nation after disagreement over a industrial relations reforms that saw One Nation vote with the Government, not including things that Stuart had been fighting for in the region. 

He said today there are wage theft bills and cases before the court in the millions of dollars, there are people suffering from not being covered by appropriate insurance and many other issues.

"Still to this day there are people who are injured that have not been paid as their full time counterparts are," he said.

"How can the Labor Party and the union come out with a strait face and oppose this form of employment when they have been directly involved in this form of employment,"

"I took a stand and this vote cost me dearly."

"Sue has given her word and so has the Party that they will address these issues in whatever form that they can," said Stuart. 

There were rumours that Stuart was going to run as Independent in the Upper Hunter by-election, but he won't be.

"I want to thank everybody for all of the phonecalls, messages, support, that I've had lately about me potentially running for this seat. I have been humbled by this support. It's hard to know what the right thing to do is sometimes but I believe I have made the right decision in doing what I've done," he said.


The Shooters Fishers and Farmers party as they have agreed to move a Notice of Motion for a Bill in NSW parliament before the by-election to propose changes to mining workers compensation. The proposed Bill will ensure that casual workers are compensated like FTE, as well as licensing on restricting the abuse of employers on casual workers.

In the  2019 federal election in the seat of Hunter, Stuart recorded more than 21 per cent of the primary vote. 

Sue Gilroy said today in Burdekin Park that she's very happy Stuart is backing her, and today also announced what Shooters Fishers and Farmers would do to help mine workers.

"That 75 per cent of employees for new extensions, for new mines, should be employed as full time employees and that will be part of the consent order in the application process,"

"That equates to about one in four, that gives the flexibility for the casuals that we do need in our workplaces from time to time, that might be admin staff, that might be a shutdown, we need that flexibility," Sue said.

"There is no exact science around that."

Image credit: Grant Broadcasters/Jessica Rouse