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Muswellbrook one of the cheapest places to buy petrol in 2020


Muswellbrook was the second cheapest place to buy petrol in 2020 according to the NRMA.

The cheapest fuel in the Upper Hunter town was 116.7/litre - also making the list in the top 20 places was the Upper Hunter Shire at 117/litre, Tamworth, the Liverpool Plains on a while and and Quirinidi at 119.6 cents per litre.

Singleton was among the most expensive towns in the state at 122 cents/litre.

36 regional towns and shires in New South Wales that offered cheaper petrol prices than Sydney throughout 2020, with one third of the state cheaper than the capital despite some locations being up to 600kms farther from the nearest terminal gate.

NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury said that traditionally, regional prices had been dearer than city prices, but Sydney’s profit-rich price cycles of 2020 meant city prices were higher than they should be on average.

“What this analysis shows us is that it was evidently cheaper in 2020 to not have a price cycle and that many regional locations with fewer service station options were still far cheaper than Sydney, which is meant to be the nucleus of petrol price competition,” Peter Khoury said.

“With interstate and overseas travel plans being replaced by local trips, it’s more important than ever for motorists in New South Wales to be aware of fuel prices on the road."

“It’s not uncommon for motorists to fill up at a service station, only to find a cheaper price in the next town. Using the myNRMA App before you fill up is the single best tool at motorists’ disposal to
beat unnecessarily high petrol prices.”

Image credit: Pixabay