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After several months, work on Elderslie Road at Singleton is nearly finished


After several months of work, the upgrade of Elderslie Road at Singleton is nearly finished. 

The $1.6 million worth of work has been to fix significant road and drainage issues including the narrowness of the carriageway, pavement deterioration, lack of safety barriers and lack of sub-surface drainage.

Seven months after the project began, the finishing touches are underway, the works to extend the biggest culvert in the area have stood up to significant rain events in the area recently.

Singleton Council said the scope of works included road widening, improved road alignment, batter extension in accordance with a Geotech report, full pavement reconstruction, installation of guardrail on the entire length of the road, improved subsurface drainage, concert dish drain on the entire length of the road, upgrade seven culverts crossing the road and the extension of the big culvert near Elderslie Bridge to achieve the recommended road width.

The works to address the culvert near Elderslie Bridge were particularly tricky because of the alignment. As part of the project, the gully was shaped to ensure functionality of drainage.

Soft gravel on the edge of the road will be compacted prior to practical completion, and gravel and silt in the drainage pits have been cleaned up by a vacuum truck.

Council will monitor the works for the next 12 months to two years, paying particularly close attention to the use of a slightly steeper fill batter due to the natural gully in the area, as well as scour around the eastern wing wall to the big culvert. Additional rock protection and/or a gabion wall will be installed in this area should there be significant erosion in bigger rain event.

The project was jointly funded by Singleton Council and the NSW Government.

Image credit: Singleton Council