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National Party has the seat of Hunter firmly in their sights for the next Federal election


The National Party has the seat of Hunter firmly in their sights for the next Federal election. 

While in Singleton this week the Deputy Leader of the National Party David Littleproud said they would be fielding a strong candidate for the area who will run on the values and principals of the party.

Labor's Joel FItzgibbon, who has held the seat for more than 25 years narrowly retained the seat in last years election following a big swing to One Nation's Stuart Bonds.

David Littleproud officially announced the $560 million for the Singleton Bypass in town this week and said they believe the seat is a National Party fit.

"We never take anything for granted, any seat for granted, but we are also very mindful of fact that we believe that the seat of Hunter is probably fits better within the National Party than the other political party in the country," 

"We represent the resource sector and agricultural sector from Queensland all the way through so if the people of Hunter were able to be given the opportunity to vote for the National Party again at the next election, which you will, we will be very strongly contesting this seat."

"Joel Fitzgibbon even said when we debated just before the last election that he lied not only the people Hunter but he lied to the Australian people when he said he didn't actually believe in Labor's energy policy and now he's not sure whether he believes in it or not, I mean the guy hasn't told the truth from start,"

"Joel’s been here a long time and he's been playing politics a long time and it seems to the people of Hunter, it would appear after the last election that that's all he's been doing."

"So the National Party will be will be fielding a candidate quite strongly and you'll see a lot of National Party senators and ministers through here as as we have in the past to make sure that we can clearly articulate to the people of Hunter the values and principles of the National Party and how they align with them."

When David Littleproud was asked about the swing towards One Nation and whether or not it should be a concern this time around he said they're just a professional complaints desk.

"What you get when you vote for One Nation or a minor party is a warm fuzzy feeling for the first five minutes and then all you get his professional complaints desk," he said. 

"They don't cut the checks, they weren't in the room and we decided to put over $500 million into the Singleton bypass, never heard from them, they wouldn't even know anything about it so with all due respect to them, they are fringe dwellers and they don't necessarily get to make the decisions that we do,"

"So while we respect their right to in this thing called democracy, that beautiful democracy that we have here in this country, respect their right to run obviously we will run on our values and principles which is predicated around the resource and agriculture One Nation can do what they like," said David Litleproud.

Image credit: Grant Broadcasters