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Boil Water Alert lifted for Scone and Aberdeen


The Boil Water Alert has been lifted for Scone and Aberdeen today. 

Upper Hunter Shire Council lifted the alert today that has been in place since heavy rainfall impacted the effective water treatment of the water at Glenbawn Dam. 

Council's Director of Infrastructure Services Nick Havyatt said the water has now returned to normal. 

"The Boil Water Alert for Scone and Aberdeen has been lifted today as the network has returned to its normal level, we've been able to remove the turbidity issues,"

"Council has been doing regular meetings with NSW Health to review the results and the Council team has done a good job in flushing the network to remove the water that's at a higher turbidity level and now its back to normal levels."

"The issues were the high turbidity in the raw water sources so with increased rain its a risk it will happen again but we've got plenty of safeguards in place to try and reduce that likelihood," said Nick Havyatt.

"We'd like to thank the community for their patience and understanding through the process."

Further good news is that Water NSW have advised Council that the algae levels have dropped in Glenbawn Dam, allowing Council to draw water from higher level off take in the dam when turbidity is at normal levels.

Therefore, Council can resume sourcing water from Glenbawn Dam for Scone, Aberdeen and Murrurundi in the next week.

Adding chlorine is currently the only treatment option Council has for water from Glenbawn Dam and Aberdeen River intake. Council has funding from the NSW Government to implement UV disinfection and additional pre-chlorination treatment upgrades to the Scone water supply system within the next 12 months.

Council is also working to secure a commitment from the NSW Government to help fund the construction of a water filtration plant for Scone, allowing Council to reduce turbidity levels in the water, regardless of the dam offtake level. This will take some years to develop and deliver, and Council has begun the process to have a new water treatment plant designed.