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Tassie Devils feeling right at home at the Barrington Tops


The Tasmanian Devils are feeling right at home at the Barrington Tops. 

This week snow has blanketed the enclosures at Aussie Ark in the Barrington Tops which is about 1,350 meters above sea level, Aussie Ark is not foreign to this change of temperature.

Being already used to the cold weather, the animals living at Aussie Ark, especially the Tasmanian devils, are feeling right at home. 

“Despite the significant drop of temperature, our keepers are trying to make the most out of this winter season,” explains Aussie Ark’s President Tim Faulkner.

“The sight of our Tasmanian devils enjoying themselves in the snow warms our hearts. They seem to be appreciating the cold way more than the keepers!”

This first blanket of snow occurred right in the midst of Tasmanian devil breeding season, and just a few weeks following first pouch checks.

The organisation has so far confirmed 36 Tasmanian devil joeys, with endangered Eastern quolls to be checked in the coming weeks! As the devil joeys are being bred during the coldest part of the year, the little ones are taking advantage of the warmth in their mum’s pouches.


Image credit: Aussie Ark