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Stay safe if you're headed to the snow at the Barrington Tops


The Barrington Tops today, image from Kristy Worth. 

Stay safe if you're headed up to the snow at the Barrington Tops. 

There's up to 3 centimetres of snow in some parts of the Barrington Tops which has drawn visitors to the area to check out the blanket of white snow.

But Hunter Valley Police District (HVPD) officers are urging anyone who is heading up to make sure they do it safely, and in a vehicle that will get them there and home in one piece. 

"We need people to be sure of the capabilities of their vehicle as well, if they have any doubts about whether their vehicle is up to the task then definitely don't take the risk and also doubts about the conditions of the road, if you're concerned about that then don't do it and don't take the risk," said HVPD Acting Inspector Adam Summers.

"Please if you are up there drive to the conditions and avoid any potential risk of collisions or even just sliding off the road, we just need to exercise extreme care please,"

"It's not just a collision with another vesicle that could happen, it's literally other issues like sliding off the track could happen quite easily."

"And tell someone, a friend of a family member, if you are going up there for a drive so someone else knows your plans in case you don't have any phone reception and give them a call when you get back."

"Take provisions as well, make sure you have the right equipment, some water, some food, just in the event that you do find yourself getting stuck there for a number of hours or more as opposed to just being a quick drive," said Acting Inspector Summers.

National Parks and Wildlife have said on social media there is light snow from Devils Hole to The Firs on the Scone-Gloucester Road, there's a lot of slush on the road though so a 4WD is recommended. 

There's also light rain across the region.