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List of Vic restrictions as lockdown ends

Coronavirus latest news2


* The 5km travel limit will be removed as well as the stay-at -home requirement.

* Movement between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria will be unrestricted.

* Masks will be required everywhere indoors and outdoors (except private residences), unless an exception applies.

* No gatherings at home but public gatherings of up to 10 people permitted, not including infants.

* Hospitality open for seated service only, with a maximum patron cap of 100 per venue and group limits of 10 people, subject to density quotients.

* Dancefloors remain closed.

* Retail and personal services such as beauty and hairdressers to reopen, subject to density quotients. Masks can be removed for service.

* Students return to the classrooms, with mask requirements to apply for everyone 12 and older.

* Density limits at offices of 25 per cent, or a cap of 10 people if the workplace is 40 people or fewer.

* Weddings and funerals permitted indoors and outdoors for up to 50 people. Celebrant and photographer not included for weddings, while children under 12 months old or those conducting the service not included in the cap for funerals.

* Religious gatherings and ceremonies permitted for up to 100 people indoors and up to 300 people outdoors.

* Live music venues, dance classes and physical recreation facilities, including gyms, will all open with density requirements of one person per four square metres. Maximum cap of 100 people indoors and 300 people outdoors.

* Community sport open for all ages - both training and competition. Spectators not allowed beyond those necessary to run the event, such as teachers, coaches, umpires and parents.

* Indoor entertainment open to a maximum of 100 people per space and group limits of 10 people. Subject to density quotients.

* Outdoor entertainment open to a maximum of 300 people per space and group limits of 10 people. Subject to density quotients.

* House auctions can resume outside with a maximum of 100 people.


* Lockdown one: statewide, March 30 to June 1, 2020, 63 days

* Lockdown two: Melbourne, July 8 to October 27, 2020, 112 days; regional Victoria, August 6 to September 13, 2020, 38 days

* Lockdown three: statewide, February 12 to February 17, 2021, five days

* Lockdown four: Melbourne, May 27 to June 10, 2021, 14 days; regional Victoria, May 27 to June 3, 2021, seven days

* Lockdown five: statewide, July 15 to July 27, 2021, 12 days

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