Upper Hunter Science and Engineering Challenge and Discovery Days

Sat 17 Aug 2019 11:52 pm to 11:52 pm

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  • Muswellbrook Indoor Sports Centre, Rutherford Road, Muswellbrook
This year the Upper Hunter Science and Engineering Challenge and Discovery Days will be held on 12th, 13th and 14th June at the Muswellbrook Indoor Sports Centre. This very special Youth Program is an initiative of the University of Newcastle, supported by Rotary and sponsored by Yancoal. It is a wonderful opportunity for students from both Primary and Secondary Schools to gain a hands on experience in the construction of model pieces of infrastructure or mechanisms used in everyday life.The competition points are awarded by reference to the standard ideals of maximum strength, minimum weight and competitive price. The Challenge is to be held on Wednesday for secondary students and primary school students engage in the Discovery Days on either Thursday or Friday. The primary objective of the event is to make enrollment in the Science and Mathematics Faculties at tertiary level more attractive to young school leavers setting out to establish a career. At the same time students have thoroughly enjoyed a great educational experience. The next step in the Challenge is for the winners to participate in competition at State Level and then on to the National Finals. Members of the Public are invited to come along to the Muswellbrook Indoor Sports Centre to observe these young students at work, providing of course , they refrain from approaching any of the students or supervisers whilst the events are in session.