Cardi B realised her teenage dream at the Grammys... and finally met Lady Gaga

Yesterday was a huge day for Cardi B, not only did she make Grammys history by becoming the first female solo act to take out the top spot for Best Rap Album with her debut album, Invasion of Privacy but she also met her one of her teenage idols, the one and only Lady Gaga.

Almost three years after Cardi tweeted about how much of an impact Lady Gaga had on her life as a teenager, the two finally met at the Grammys and the pictures are so delightfully endearing, its almost enough to melt my cold dead heart.

The absolute joy and giddiness exuding from Cardi B is arguably the most wholesome moment from the entirety of the 2019 Grammy awards.

Lady Gaga also had a successful night, picking up three awards from her five nominations.

Now ladies, the next question is, where's the collab?