International student's terrifying find in share house toilet

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Australia's reputation as the home of some of the world's most terrifying wildlife as yet again been cemented after a household of international students made a nightmarish find in their communal bathroom. 

Snake catcher Janne Torkkola was called to the Brisbane share house over the weekend when a carpet python was discovered curled up inside the toilet.  

Mr Torkola told the Brisbane Times that the distinctly Aussie wildlife experience was “was one of their [the students] first snake experiences, and it is usually a bit more confronting finding a snake like that rather than, in what we would consider, their natural environment.”

However, he said that it was “not particularly difficult” to remove the metre-long python as most of its body remained exposed in the toilet bowl.

In the video posted to Mr Torkola’s company Facebook page, Snake Out Brisbane, he surmised that the rogue snake had found its way into the toilet after slithering through an open, unscreened bathroom window.

If you come across a snake on your property (hopefully not in your toilet!), the experts advise that the best course of action is to take a photo if possible, keep an eye on it from a safe distance and to call in a professional. 

A carpet python can grow up to 3.5 metres, and are common to the north-east of Australia.

They are not deadly to humans.

Image credit: Facebook/Snake Out Brisbane Snake Catchers