A 102-year-old South Australian woman just became the World's Oldest Skydiver

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Over the weekend a 102-year-old Australian woman put the rest of us mere mortals to shame and officially became the World’s Oldest Skydiver when she completed a 14,000 foot jump in South Australia.

Supreme badass, Irene O’Shea, completed her third skydive since 2016 to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association after her loosing her daughter to the disease.

"Irene became the oldest skydiver in the world at 102 years, 194 days, raising awareness and money for MND South Australia to help find a cure for Motor Neurone Disease."" said SA Skydiving, the company that coordinated her jump. 

O’Shea was pretty laid back out about the whole expedition, telling Channel Nine that “as far as I’m concerned, I’m the same as everyone else, just a normal person”.

"It was very clear up there and the weather was good, but it was very cold up there," she said.

Check out Irene’s skydiving shenanigans below:

Image credit: SA Skydiving/Facebook