This punk-rock puppy vest is designed to protect your pooch against predators

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Our pets are important members of our family and as such it should really come as no great surprise that people will take almost any step to protect our fury friends from some of the less friendly fury creatures out there in the world.

A dog named Beanie has become somewhat of a Twitter sensation after his owner posted the following picture to Twitter, showing off her attempt to protect him coyote attacks (apparently this is an all too real threat for parts of the United States). People were simultaneously shocked and delighted that doggy body armour is a thing that actually exists and were very taken with the sheepish Beanie decked out in all his puppy punk-rock finery.

Turns out Beanie’s Mad Max-esque armoury comes from a company called Coyote Vest, a company created after the founders lost their own dog to a coyote. Apparently, this jacket isn’t just a fashion statement, it is designed to function in three ways. It is made from stab resistant Kevlar padding (apparently it can also withstand canine teeth) to protect the wearer, brightly coloured bristles to both deter and irritate would-be attackers and of course, spikes to well, stab any wild animal brave enough to get that close.

You can watch a video explaining how this works with the use of a stuffed dog and a coyote skull below:


 What a world we live in.

Image credit: Twitter/@Drrramina