Nude posters exchanged for a Golden Gaytime icecream tub

One Bundaberg family got a shock when they opened their son’s lucky dip prize from the…

Revealed: The Lexus hoverboard in action

After news in June Lexus was working on a hoverboard, footage of the board in action has…

Eek! Lenny Kravitz accidentally exposes himself onstage

We’ve all learnt a lesson from American rocker Lenny Kravitz. Never ever crouch down in…

Swifty grants permission for Aussie cast to use Shake It Off

Taylor Swift has saved Sydney’s Belvoir Street Theatre at the last minute, allowing them…
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Innovative program available to help those who support mining industry workers

August 04, 2015
Partners in Mining is a free, information and support program available this August to November for people currently working (or who have formerly worked) in the Hunter mining industry and their…

School Excursions

Aug 05, 2015
School Excursions! Always a highlight of our education, whether it was to the local…

Christiano Ronaldo in Disguise

Aug 05, 2015
No question Cristiano Ronaldo, the biggest athlete in the world is hiding in plain sight.…
Zayn and perrie 8ae70

Zayn Malik calls off engagement

Aug 05, 2015
After announcing last week that he has signed a solo record deal (in the same week that…


Aug 04, 2015
It was an epic month during Power FM's JULIVE, The guys took a huge amout of entrants…
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Yikes! Minons In Taking Over In Dublin!

Aug 04, 2015
A giant minion has escaped and is currently blocking a road in Dublin!

Michelle Williams' daughter is spitting image of late father Heath Ledger

Aug 03, 2015
A rare photo of Michelle Williams' daughter Matilda has surfaced and she's a spitting…
jolie a6339

Happy Birthday Shiloh!

Aug 03, 2015
Brad and Angelina’s first biological daughter is a very grown up 9-years-old! Wow, where…
Fit Girls

Hottest Pic's from Hollywood!

Aug 03, 2015
Lena Dunham and her trainer Tracy Anderson sported bikinis at New Centrum VitaMints at…
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How Billionaire Houses Should Be....

Aug 04, 2015
In mky opinion... if you are a Billionaire, and YOU DON'T have secret tunnels or hidden…
slingshot 64f03

2 Girls + 1 Slingshot = Hilarious Video

Aug 04, 2015
I love this video.... Two Irish girls decided they were brave enough to take their…
uptown funk sung movies 3def7

280 Movies Sing Uptown Funk

Aug 04, 2015
It amazing how much time some people have on their hands... One guy has carefully edited…
lottery 8fbdb

Proof That Lotto Is Rigged !

Jul 30, 2015
See.... I knew the Lotto was rigged.... Every week, i buy a ticket, and every week THEY…
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